Beginning to Write

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, so unfortunately I’ve become one of those people who picks up blogging with a fervor and slowly but surely realizes how much time it takes up in life. The idea phase, the actual writing, what the point to convey is, editing, trying your hardest to network and hashtag to the top. It’s a bit much. But lately I’ve been finding myself drawn to the idea of writing…

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A Wild Puppy Emerges

A Wild Puppy Emerges


Not much time to write lately. But just in case anyone is having a bad day, here’s a picture of a puppy coming up to kiss you. And really, what more could you want from the internet?Cute puppy

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A Question of Health

A Question of Health

We’re all consumers, and we’re all hand-fed the same shitty labels and ideas that companies are trying to sell us. Buzz words like “fat free” and food trends like “gluten free” are all around us, and everyone assumes that it’s healthy because they’ve seen it on the news or heard it from their friend. I hardly know any person that truly knows what food would actually constitute as healthy. And…

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Syneasthesia Thought

Synaesthesia  a psychological phenomenon/disorder in which a person experiences senses a bit…differently. The wires in their brains are a bit mixed so that there is a union of the senses where one would normally only experience one. It sounds pretty cool but in severe cases can be debilitating because its so easily misunderstood by those who never experience it.

Perhaps one of the greatest bits…

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Rose Tinted Glasses

I’ve been slacking in the blogging world due to life picking up in the real world. My long-distance boyfriend of over a year has just come to The Big Apple to live with me for a bit and it’s brought up so many nice feelings and thoughts about relationships. The long story short is that I’m American, he’s Scottish, and we met at the beginning of our one year holiday visas in Australia. We spent…

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This morning, I let my mind wander. I thought about people who peak in high school, and the…

This morning, I let my mind wander. I thought about people who peak in high school, and the identities that people give themselves in their heads and in the outside world. I started thinking about what I was like in high school. Neither popular nor unpopular, athletic with no real promise, placed into all advanced classes, confident, loved by most teachers…I wanted to appear happy and silly all…

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Games To Add To Your Repetoire

Games To Add To Your Repetoire

Every group of friends has their own inside jokes that others hate because it creates this wall of clique that is hard to get past. I prefer having games with friends and using these games as conversation starters with potential friends. It gives them a brief look into how twisted my humor can be.

My favorite game is called Your Team. The idea is this: You and a friend are walking out in public…

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Dangerous Angels, And Why I’m Still An Angsty Teen On The Inside

Dangerous Angels, And Why I’m Still An Angsty Teen On The Inside

I find that some of what we loved during our rebellious adolescent years have this tendency to stick in our minds so long after the fact. What author brought forth such empowering suggestions to you, blew your mind with a symphony of beautiful words delicately placed onto a page in a way that no other living being in the history of ever has done? While we move on from these obsessions and stages…

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Questions People Ask Me Now That I’m Vegan

Questions People Ask Me Now That I’m Vegan

Do you miss eating meat?

But what about bacon!?

So why is it all right to eat and kill vegetables?

Have you slipped up and eaten something because you really wanted it?

Is it hard?

Don’t you think you could have everything in moderation and still be healthy?

Do you think you’re healthier now / Have you lost weight?

What do you eat?

Where do you get your protein/fat?

Are you one of those hippie “I…

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